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Disclaimer concerning documents and exhibits, including statements, advice, forecast and recommendations:

OMTCO’s website exhibits particular aspects of the licensing rules of selected vendors, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. This information is based on an interpretation of the vendors’ standard licensing rules at a certain point in time, in a specific context.

OMTCO makes no claim to completeness, correctness and currentness of this information. OMTCO’s website and documents shall be understood as being for illustrative and educational purposes only – and are not a customer-specific, advisory documentation. The project reports, references and case studies reported relate to customer-specific situations that we observed in the past, and may not be applicable to other customers, currently or in the future. Any licensing recommendation is based on personal interpretation of licensing rules at a certain point in time, shall not be understood as tailored advice to any customers’ specific situation and shall not form the basis of, or be relied on in connection with or act as an inducement to enter into, any contract or commitment whatsoever with OMTCO.

Any document may be adapted and changed by OMTCO at any time. Not all offerings are available in every country in which OMTCO operates. THE INFORMATION IN ANY DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED
OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ANY WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF NON-INFRINGEMENT AND SHOULD NOT BE REGARDED AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR OBTAINING INDEPENDENTLY INDIVIDUAL ADVICE. Reports are for information and illustration purposes only. They are not advisory documents and do not take into account a specific customer situation. Customers must independently determine the appropriateness, the merits and suitability of any statement, advice, forecast and recommendation referred to herein, based on their own strategy and their legal, fiscal and financial position without undue reliance on the aforementioned items published herein.

The only legally binding licensing information to a specific customer may be derived from a customer‘s specific agreement, as well as Software Licensing Agreements applicable to customers’ installations of the correct editions and versions, including all packs and options, and for some vendors even taking hotfixes and installation dates into account. A customer‘s full purchased estate must be taken into account, as well as license purchase history, including all base licenses (perpetual and fixed-term licenses), restricted use licenses, embedded and application-specific full use licenses, maintenances, reinstatements, migrations, trade-ins and trade-ups. The full set of installations of all products and their corresponding bundles, relevant metric attributes (hardware attributes, user lists and user restrictions and roles) and application operations must also be taken into account.

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