Top 100 IBM Acronyms In Licensing – From AUSI To XUVU

Released July 2012, Updated October 2012/February 2013 | by Johannes Balzer

OMTCO - Top 100 IBM Acronyms In Licensing From AUSI To XUVU


Executive Summary
IBM Acronyms In Licensing

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Executive Summary

This report is aimed at those in software licensing, Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT project management with a strong background and interest in IBM licensing.

Detailed here is a list of acronyms used by IBM – this will assist you in comprehending IBM’s licensing documents. This report is complementary to the IBM glossary published at

The list contains 100 acronyms:

  • Acronyms related to IBM licensing. There are various IBM capacity-based (hardware) metrics, such as PVU and RVU – but also MIPS, MSU and the legacy CAP. User metrics, such as AUTH, AUTH/DEVICE and CONC, may impose further restrictions and be sub-divided into additional metrics, such as FL, FUSSSI, AUSI, UVU, AUVU, EUVU and XUVU. FullCap and SubCap counting rules may alter metrics. IBM publishes metrics and licensing requirements in PLETs and LIs at various lifecycle milestones including GA, EOM, and EOS. Customers agree to all PLETs and LIs through EULA, IPAA and IPLA.
  • Acronyms related to IBM compliance audits. An audit starts with the receipt of an AAL. Deployments are collected in an ISW and generate the LD. Counting rules depend on SubCap requirements, for example whether ILMT or TAD4D is deployed. IBM entitlements are collated in the ELP and matched to deployments to create the LCT. After the EXIT meeting, the vendor and customer settle with an audit relief.
  • Acronyms related to the purchase of IBM products. Customers usually purchase IBM entitlements – D and E part numbers; licenses or reinstatements and S&S respectively – as perpetual licenses, or FTL or OOCOD, under IPLA (or alternatively under ILAE, ILAN or ILAR). Customers may conduct purchases via a PPA or PPAe site – thus agreeing to IPAA and purchasing at an RSVP level from D, E, F … to J (or GOV/EDU if they are entitled). Further agreements, such as ELA or iESSO, need thorough analysis before signing.

Should you have any questions, please contact OMTCO; contact details are listed at the end of this report. For those executives interested in sharing their thoughts on licensing, Software Asset Management or compliance audits, we highly welcome your feedback and comments.


IBM Acronyms In Licensing

Acronym Meaning
AUSI Authorized User Single Install
AUTH Authorized User
AUTH/DEVICE Authorized User metric with secondary device restrictions
AUVU Authorized User Value Unit
BL Base Line price level
CALL Call from the Customer Designater Caller
CAP Capacity Unit, legacy processor-based metric
CCC Call Center Coordinator
CEO Complete Enterprise Option
CoD Capacity on Demand, On/Off Capacity on Demand
CONC Concurrent User
CONC/NODE Concurrent Node Lock
CONC/S Concurrent User Session
D Sales Volume Price, level D
DB2 DB2 Database
D Part Number License or Reinstatement
E Sales Volume Price, level E
E Part Number S&S, maintenance
ECM Enterprise Content Management
EDU Education price level
ELA Enterprise Licensing Agreement
ELP Effective License Position
EMEA Europe Middle East Africa
EOES End of Extended Support
EOM End of Marketing
EOS End of Service (date) – or – End of Support (date)
ESP Early Support Program
ESSO Enterprise Software & Service Option
EULA End User License Agreement
EUVU Employee User Value Unit
EXIT Exit meeting
F Sales Volume Price, level F
FL Floating User
FTL Fixed Term License
FullCap Full Capacity
FUSSSI Floating User Single Session Single Install
G Sales Volume Price, level G
GA General Availability (date)
H Sales Volume Price, level H
HT Hyper-threading
I Sales Volume Price, level I
IBM International Business Machines Corporation
ICA IBM Customer Agreement
iESSO International Enterprise Software & Service Option
ILAE International License Agreement for Evaluation of Programs
ILAN International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs
ILAR International License Agreement for Early Release of Program
iLMT IBM License Metric Tool
iLMT R1 Region 1: America (North America, Central and South America)
iLMT R2 Region 2: Europe & Africa
iLMT R3 Region 3: Asia & Australia (incl. Middle-East, New-Zealand and Oceania)
IM Information Management
IPAA International Passport Advantage Agreement
IPLA International Program License Agreement
iQSonar Scan tool from iQuate
ISO/IEC International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012)
ISW IBM Server Workbooks – contact OMTCO to receive OMTCO’s ISW
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITLCM IT License Compliance Tool
J Sales Volume Price, level J
LCT Licensing Compliance Table
LD License Demand
LI Licensing Information
LPAR Logical Partitioning, virtual machines
LU Limited Use
LU Socket Limited Use Socket
Matrix42 SAM tool from Matrix42/U4U
MIPS Millions of Instructions per Second
MLC Monthly License Charge
MSU Millions of Service Units
OMTCO Best option for IBM customers in search of IBM product licensing expertise and counter audit experience
OOCOD On/Off Capacity on Demand, Capacity on Demand
OTC One Time Charge
P/RVU (Processor) Resource Value Unit
PLC Primary License Charge
PLET Program Announcement Letter
PLU Processor Licensing Unit, legacy processor-based metric
PMR Problem Management Record
PoE Proof of Entitlement
PPA Passport Advantage
PPAe Passport Advantage Express
PPA Site Passport Advantage Site
PSLC Parallel Sysplex License Charge
PVU Processor Value Unit
RLC Recurring License Charge
RVU Resource Value Unit
RSVP Relationship Suggested Volume Price (levels BL, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, EDU/GOV)
S&S Subscription & Support
SAM Software Asset Management
SAM Tool Software Asset Management Tool
SDR Secure Data Room
SERV Server Unit, legacy processor-based metric
sid Support ID
SmartTrack SAM tool from Aspera
SpiderLCM SAM tool from brainwaregroup
SPOC Single Point of Contact
SPR Software Problem Report
SPSS Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
SSA System Support Agreement
SubCap Sub-Capacity, Virtualization Capacity
SVP Sales Volume Price (levels for corporates: D, E, F, G, H, I, J)
SW Software
TAD4D Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed.
UVU User Value Unit
WSMQ WebSphere MQ
XUVU External User Value Unit


(Released July 2012, Updated October 2012/February 2013)


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Top 100 
IBM Acronyms In Licensing – From AUSI To XUVU



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