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OMTCO - Top 200 SAM Terms A Glossary Of Software Asset Management And Licensing Terms OMTCO - Six Questions That Managers Should Ask About Software Asset Management OMTCO - IT Costs - The Costs, Growth And Financial Risk Of Software Assets OMTCO - Building a SAM Business Case The Mechanisms Governing Software Asset Cost Reduction OMTCO - Vendor Audit Top 10 Customer Rights From Announcement To Settlement OMTCO - Internal Compliance Audit Of Oracle Database Products OMTCO - Top 60 Licensing Pitfalls For Oracle Databases And Technology Products Cover - OMTCO - The Licensing Of Oracle Technology Products - Compliance, Metrics, Licensing Restrictions Cover - OMTCO - Top 12 IBM Licensing Metrics And Licensing Restrictions Cover - OMTCO - IBM Informix - Product Editions Metrics And Licensing Restrictions OMTCO - Top 100 IBM SAM Buzzwords - A Glossary Of Selected IBM Terms From Audit To Zseries OMTCO - Top 100 IBM Acronyms In Licensing From AUSI To XUVU OMTCO - Top 75 Microsoft Licensing Terms - A Glossary From Antigen To Zune OMTCO - Compliance Audit Vorbereitung fuer Microsoft Server Produkte Windows SQL Exchange OMTCO - Compliance Audit Preparation for Microsoft Server Products Windows SQL Exchange