OMTCO’s activities are governed by strong values:

  • We commit to our clients and their objectives.
  • We deliver our results in full co-operation with the client’s teams, disclosing all methods and documentation.
  • Our recommendations are pragmatic and client-specific, we are confident and accept their implementation.
  • Our recommendations deliver measurable value.
  • We offer our clients mutual trust and respect.

These values define the way we conduct our work with clients and the results we deliver. Should any challenge arise in the course of our work – from data availability to decisions that need to be made – our policy is to inform the clients early, define their options and help them to decide.



OMTCO works with the highest possible level of expertise – taking into account our know-how and capabilities, and our pragmatic experience from market analysis, competitive projects and professional references.

OMTCO consultants orient their work to the general framework drawn from

  • the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and
  • the ISO standard (ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 SAM Processes And Tiered Assessment Of Conformance).