OMTCO’s comprehensive team is comprised of various specialists in the following fields:


  • Licensing consultants for Vendor Helpdesk Services
  • Procurement specialists and lead buyers
  • Licensing consultants for Special Licensing Projects


  • Project managers for Software Asset Management implementation
  • Auditors to run internal compliance reviews
  • Licensing experts and legal advisors to countervail in customer-sided counter-audits


  • Licensing experts for major vendors – Oracle, IBM, Microsoft
  • Licensing experts for other vendors – Adobe, Attachmate, Autodesk, 
Computer Associates, Citrix, Infor Global Solutions, Informatica, Red Hat
, SAP, 
Sybase, Symantec, VM-Ware
, etc.
  • Experts for IBM virtualization capacity (sub-capacity) operations, and for Oracle processor capacity operations
  • Tool experts for selection and execution of major Software Asset Management tools, e.g. SmartTrack/Aspera, Spider LCM and Matrix42
  • Scan tool experts to define and implement scan tools, e.g. iLMT, TAD4D, IQSonar, etc.


  • Consultants for IT Infrastructure, Processes and Organization
  • Data mining experts to collect, structure and interpret data, e.g. installation data, attributes, and commercial data
  • IT Architects to understand and differentiate IT architecture and environments



OMTCO has a comprehensive network of competences on the basis of partnerships and co-operations at your disposal, delivering the best one-stop quality and performance for our clients – for instance:

  • Software Vendors – Contact to technical and licensing support, e.g. Oracle Technical Support, Oracle Licensing Management Services (LMS), IBM Enterprise Software Licensing, Microsoft Tech Support, etc.
  • Tool Vendors – Contact to SAM Tool Service Delivery, e.g. for Matrix42, SmartTrack, Spider LCM, and Scan Tool Service Delivery, e.g. for IQSOnar, IBM TAD4D/ILMT
  • Our Clients – License Management departments of our clients

This enables us to bring people together under the principles of cross-fertilization. As a client, we may bring you together with other clients, or with software/tool vendors, to enrich each other’s respective visions, ideas and objectives.