Microsoft – Licensing And Counter Audit

OMTCO has licensing expertise at its disposal, in addition to extensive experience in Software Asset Management, compliance reviews and customer-sided counter-audits. Should you wish for advice tailored to your specific needs, please contact OMTCO at or call your OMTCO representative directly.

In the meantime, please feel free to read OMTCO’s informative Microsoft project reports:

OMTCO - Top 75 Microsoft Licensing Terms - A Glossary From Antigen To Zune

Top 75 Microsoft Licensing Terms – A Glossary From A(ntigen) To Z(une)

Released April 2013 | by Johannes Balzer

This glossary is aimed at those in Software licensing and Software Asset Management facing the challenges of Microsoft licensing.

This glossary explains buzzwords and abbreviations used by Microsoft licensing professionals. This glossary dispels the mystery that surrounds Microsoft’s Licensing Terms. It will help you to understand vendor’s vocabulary and auditors’ buzzwords, ultimately making you sound like an expert.

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OMTCO - Compliance Audit Preparation for Microsoft Server Products Windows SQL Exchange

Compliance Audit Vorbereitung für Microsoft Server Produkte (Windows, SQL, Exchange) – Deutsch/German

Veröffentlicht September 2012, Neuauflage März 2013 | by Johannes Balzer

OMTCO’s Kunde, ein in Deutschland ansässiger und weltweit tätiger Industriekonzern (Kunde geändert), initiierte ein internes Lizenz Compliance Audit für Microsoft Server Produkte. Der Kunde bat OMTCO um die Bilanzierung der Lizenzierungsposition der für den Kunden wichtigsten eingesetzten Microsoft Server Produkte: Windows Server, SQL Server und Exchange Server.

Der nachfolgende Bericht erklärt wie Kunden sich auf ein Microsoft Compliance Audit vorbereiten können und beinhaltet eine Beschreibung unserer Vorgehensweise – von der Datensammlung bis zur Bilanzierung. Darüber hinaus geben wir Ratschläge zu der Lizenzierung von Microsoft Windows Server in virtuellen Umgebungen.

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OMTCO - Compliance Audit Vorbereitung fuer Microsoft Server Produkte Windows SQL Exchange

Compliance Audit Preparation for Microsoft Server Products (Windows, SQL, Exchange) – English

Released September 2012, Updated March 2013 | by Johannes Balzer

OMTCO’s client, a German-based industrial group (client modified) with worldwide operations, initiated a compliance audit of Microsoft server products. Our client asked OMTCO to review the compliance of the three main Microsoft server products in use: Windows Server, SQL Server and Exchange Server.

The following report shows how customers should prepare for a Microsoft compliance audit, and how we conducted the compliance review, from collecting data to producing the compliance balance. Moreover, we also give advice regarding the licensing of Microsoft Windows Servers in virtual environments.

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