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OMTCO has licensing expertise at its disposal, in addition to extensive experience in Software Asset Management, compliance reviews and customer-sided counter-audits. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact your OMTCO representative.

In the meantime, please feel free to read OMTCO’s informative reports and licensing documentation:

Cover - OMTCO - The Licensing Of Oracle Technology Products - Compliance, Metrics, Licensing Restrictions

The Licensing Of Oracle Technology Products – Compliance, Metrics, Licensing Restrictions

Released October 2012, Updated June 2013 | by Tim Sommer

Understanding the metrics used for licensing Oracle product installations is crucial for determining Technical Usage and License Demand.

This report is aimed at those in IT leadership and Software Asset Management with a strong background and interest in software licensing. We analyze Oracle licensing, covering their main metrics for Technology Products (including Oracle Databases) and the associated licensing restrictions, using product examples. We give valuable advice and direction to Oracle customers on how to deal with the challenges of such complex licensing.

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OMTCO - Internal Compliance Audit Of Oracle Database Products

Internal Compliance Audit Of Oracle Database Products

Released April 2012, Updated March 2013 | by Tim Sommer

Our client, a German energy group, initiated an internal audit reviewing its compliance position – and possible financial risk – deriving from its installations of Oracle Databases. All organizational units in Germany and all international subsidiaries of the group were under review.

As for the Oracle databases, all commercial and free editions – in all versions – were under review. Indeed, not only the compliance position of commercial editions needed to be reviewed, but also whether the restrictions of the free edition (DB XE) and the restrictions of the installations in development environments (licensed per Oracle Technology Network licenses / OTN DEV) were abided by.

A team of OMTCO Oracle licensing experts was sent in to work alongside, and support, the client’s own team. We worked through the following steps to tackle the demand, the compliance balance, and the compliance optimization.

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OMTCO - Top 60 Licensing Pitfalls For Oracle Databases And Technology Products

Top 60 Licensing Pitfalls For Oracle Databases And Oracle Technology Products

Released April 2012, Updated September 2012/March 2013 | by Friedrich Florea

Over the course of the Oracle compliance reviews and counter-audits we perform for our customers, we regularly discover recurring compliance issues, as a result of some typical Oracle licensing pitfalls.

The following report is an aggregation of the most common licensing mistakes that Oracle customers make relating to, among others, metrics, the counting of users and devices, the determination of processor licenses, virtualization, failover clusters, etc.

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